Targeted Audience

A targeted audience is a select group of potential or current consumers, which a business decides to, aim its marketing and advertising strategies at in order to sell a product or service.

To determine the target audience, the business must first identify what problem their product or service solves, or what need or want it fulfills. The problem must be one that consumers are aware of and thus will be interested in pursuing a solution.

Targeted Audience is customer magnet

Determining the Targeted Audience

Finding a targeted audience is not always an easy task and every business must identify and understand its target audience if their marketing campaign is to be successful. It allows the business to craft their products or services to the wants and needs of customers, in order to maximize sales and therefore revenue.

A successful marketing campaign connects with customers on a personal level, which will help the business to develop long term relationships with customers and after-all not all consumers are the same, so determining the targeted audience is key to reaching the loyal and high profit customers and help ensure a return on investment.

Targeted Audience Marketing

How to find your target audience

A targeted audience is formed from the same factors as a target market, but it is more specific, and susceptible to influence from other factors. An example of this would be the marketing campaign by The ads Team Advertising Company, which is looking to target audiences of online marketers.

The factors they had to consider outside of the standard marketing mix were things such as how to deliver high quality advertising for their customers, marketer’s knowledge regarding advertising and other specialized detail. This reduced their target market and provided specific target audience they could focus on. However, just because a target audience is specialized doesn’t mean the message being delivered will not be of interest and received by those outside the intended demographic.

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